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We, the members of the First Unitarian, agree to . . .

minister to each other in an atmosphere of
welcome, acceptance, and caring

Sunday Services:

9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary

Service Date


May 3
"Transitions" The Rev. Angela Herrera and La Amikoj
As we honor some of our congregation’s young people with a bridging ceremony to welcome them into adulthood, we’ll reflect on lessons about transitions that can help us throughout our lives. 

Music: Spare Parts

May 10
“Family By Choice or By Chance" The Rev. Angela Herrera
WA Mother’s Day sermon on the families that raise us, and the ones we may create for ourselves. Bring a flower for the flower communion!

Music: Vital Mazor, voice; Lisanne Liberman, violin; Ahmed Sallam, piano

May 17
"Entertaining Angels" James Galasinski
One of the ancient world’s most cherished virtues was hospitality. Radical hospitality can manifest itself differently in today’s world by living as though we are “open homes” ourselves, welcoming strangers into our minds and lives. The metaphorical angels we unknowingly entertain may give more to us than we could ever give to them.

Music: The Chalice Singers

May 24
"Faith in What?" The Rev. Julia Older
If you are Unitarian Universalist and believe in God, the God you imagine is probably different from the one most other churches talk about. Some of us left those churches and are still flirting with the great questions all religions try to answer. Why? Why anything? Why is there something instead of nothing and how do we live in this great soup of creation.

Music: The Children’s and Youth Choirs

May 31
"The Interfaith Heart" The Rev. Angela Herrera
With so much religious violence in the world, is there hope for interfaith work? If so, UUs have something important to contribute.

Music: Donese Mayfield, Harp