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We, the members of the First Unitarian, agree to . . .

minister to each other in an atmosphere of
welcome, acceptance, and caring

Sunday Services:

9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary

Service Date


April 6
"Water," The Rev. Angela Herrera
A sermon on the religious, social, and ecological significance of water. This service will also include a clay/water blessing, back by popular demand. Come to learn and be uplifted. ?

Music: Spare Parts

April 13
“Poetry as Spiritual Practice," Bryan Elwood, Ministerial Intern, and others Sometimes poetry speaks to us in a way uniquely suited to stop us in our tracks, or start us on a new path at particular times in our lives. This service will offer multiple ways to incorporate poetry into our spiritual practice.

Music: Sue Spaven and Laura Bartolucci

April 20--Easter
9:30 &11:00 "Easter Hallelujahs!" The Ministers and the Chalice Singers
Easter comes packed with a lot of doctrines in some places, but not here. We celebrate the joy and hope of the season and the many kinds of resurrections that are part of our lives. Rebecca will visit with our very youngest UUs at the beginning of the service and elementary-age children will adjourn to an egg hunt. Anyone who has ever sung Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus” in a choir is welcome to join the Chalice Singers on the platform. Music is provided and if you want a quick refresher, come to the choir rehearsal at 7:00 pm on Thursday April 17. Music is also available here.

Music: The Chalice Singers

6:45 am "Easter at Sunrise" The Rev. Angela Herrera and Bryan Elwood, Minsterial Intern
This contemplative service will begin in the church courtyard as the sun rises above the mountains. Then we’ll “carry the light” into the sanctuary and finish with meditation and singing inside.  

April 27
9:30: "Coming of Age," Candy Lindquist, DRE; Mid-High Students
Join our 8th-grade Coming of Age students as they move from mid-high classes to high school.

Music: Coming of Age Students and La Amikoj

11:00: "Bridging," Candy Lindquist, DRE; Highschool Students
Our highschool seniors, together with La Amikoj, will celebrate their upcoming graduations.

Music: Coming of Age Students and La Amikoj