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We, the members of the First Unitarian, agree to . . .

minister to each other in an atmosphere of
welcome, acceptance, and caring

Sunday Services:

9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary

Service Date


August 3
"The Blessing of Animals," The Rev. Christine Robinson & Friends
We’ll consider what we’ve learned from our dogs,(Laura Bartolucci) cats, (Vance Bass) and Iguanas (Christine Robinson) and we will bless the pets which are such an important part of our lives. (Nursery and childcare provided for the youngest UUs.)Gentle pets are welcome to come into the service. Children are invited to bring a special stuffed animal. Pictures of deceased or homebound pets will be especially honored.

Music: Spare Parts

August 10
“Evolution & Spirituality," Doug Cowan & Anne Manning
Does the Theory of Evolution bring you closer to the idea of a god of creation, or drive you away to a logical and scientific theory of the origin of species? Today's service, by putting the ideas of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Charles Darwin into a modern context, will give you some ideas to contemplate along these lines.

Music: On Q Chorus

August 17
9:30 &11:00 "Back to School Sunday--Letting it Go," The Rev. Christine Robinson
A service for everybody over nine years old focused on the Disney hit, “Frozen” (a summer treat for adults, too!) and its signature song “Let it Go!” In our lives we are constantly letting go of outworn ideas, feelings, people, places…. How exactly, do we do that? Four– through nine-year-olds will join us for the first part of the service. We’ll honor our kids’ transition to new classes in school and all those who work in the schools at this service.

Music: "Let it Go" Chorus

August 24
9:30: "The Rights of Nature," The Rev. Christine Robinson & Peter Chestnut
Christine will explain why she believes that nature does not have “unalienable rights,” but probably should have considerable legal rights. Peter, a specialist in water law, will help us understand how that might work.

Music: Jesse Herrera, Singer/Songwriter

August 31
9:30: "Am I a Unitarian?" Pat Frieder
Figuring out one’s unique philosophy/beliefs/values is a satisfying and essential part of being human. Church member Pat Frieder will reflect on some ideas that she has found valuable from a sermon by UU minister Forrest Church.

Music: Tom Heady, French Horn